Ray Ban Aviator – Sunglasses For Men (Polarized)

A design that is timeless and which can go with almost any outfit. They are stylish, comfortable and not so expensive, what else could one want. Probably, the king of allrounder these are perfect for summer, going for a picnic, wearing with jeans or formals and throwing them in the backpack, etc. If you want sunglasses that are top-notch quality, is a head turner or gives you a distinct look, this isn’t it but if you want good enough quality, style and comfort at value then this is the right one for you.

Additionally, it features Polarized and 100% UV protection lenses that will reduce eyestrain even after a full day in the sun.

Polarized and 100% UV protection sunglasses helps:

– Reduce eyestrain, no tired eyes after a full day in the sun.
– Reduce reflections and glare (esp important for those with sensitive eyes or post-surgery recovery)
– Protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, minimizing damage to your eyesight in the long run.
– Improve contrast and visual clarity